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It dates back to 1904, exactly September 9, when, under the number 204 918, the men's fencing club is permitted according to the resolution of the General Meeting of September 6 to establish the International Sports Club. The city council has made a decision with the aim that the rapidly developing spa town has more and more to offer in terms of sports (an important complement to treatment). In a very short time, a 6 tennis courts and a 9-hole golf course with a length of 2093 m were established in the valley of the Teplá River, in the places of today's motel in Březová. The course itself was exceptional not only for its crossing of holes, but also for its frequent play across the water, when five players conquered the Teplá Valley. In 1905, a half-timbered clubhouse was built.

Count Furstenberg's first Silver Cup tournament took place on July 16, 1906.

After several years, the nine-hole course ceased to be sufficient in its capacity, so in 1928-1929 the council had proposals for the possible construction of a new 18-hole course. In total, attention was focused on the locations of Doubí, Velký Rybník, Vítkova Hora and Olšová Vrata. Finally, it was decided on the last-named locality in the cadastre of the municipality of Olšová Vrata. The famous French architect C. Noskovsky was commissioned to develop the project at the time. Construction continued very quickly and served as a social programme, as it was mainly contributed by the unemployed, of whom there were countless in the 1930s. The construction of the course was completed in 1932, but was not handed over to use by the mayor of the town A. Schreiter von Schwarzenfeld until July 30, 1935 at 11 a.m.

An important sporting baptism took place on August 24-26, 1938, when the Open Championship of the Czech Republic was held here at the suggestion of the leading European player H. Cotton, which Cotton then won with a result of 282 shots on 72 holes. The winner was seeded by the diversity of the Karlovy Vary course and called hole number 10 the stage and called it the most beautiful in Europe.

Before World War II, there were two 18-hole courses in Czechoslovakia itself (K. Vary and M. Lázně) and eight 9-hole courses (e.g. K.V. original, Klánovice, Piešťany).

After World War II, both Carlsbad golf courses were almost destroyed, overgrown with bushes and tall grass, unlike Marianske Lazne, which was maintained by American soldiers. Pietor, the post-war Trade Minister, donated 1 million CZK to restore them. But there was no one to take on the task responsibly. Post-war golf in the Czech Republic was restored on April 10, 1947 in Mariánské Lázně in the Hotel Savarin. On 30 March 1949, the club of kynologists applied for a fallow pitch with the intention of training their dogs. The next day Alois Červenka buys 2 bags with 7 clubs, then the next day with Cutter and Vencara (the only golf connoisseur from England during the war) they visit the course in Olšová Vrata and dig 7 holes 30 m apart with the found drill and symbolically prepare it for the tournament on April 3, 1949. Subsequently, after the tournament in the restaurant at the Beetles, they renewed the golf club. The decision of the association of November 7, 1949 was played exclusively in Olšová Vrata and the 9-hole course in the river valley gradually disappeared.

However, the course had only a few playable tracks from its original area, and the first competition took place here on April 9, 1950, when members Řezáč, Vencara and Soukal handed over the mowed hole No.3 as a gift to the caretaker Červenka. Since then, the course has been renewed for a total of 10 years from the funds of club and city members.

The individual holes had their patrons, who took care of mowing grass and raking bunkers. Hole No. 1 Muller, 2 Cutter, 3 Vencara, 4 Červenka, 5 Sommershue, 6 Mikuta, 7 Waldert, 8 Štětina, 12 Soukal, 13 Chlapec, 17 Janda, 18 Roubětín. It is clear from the overview that there were not even enough members to restore all 18 holes.

Since January 1, 1952, it is held annually at 1 p.m. on the field in Olšová Vrata New Year's Tee. We always commemorate the complete opening of an 18-hole course from September 18, 1960.

After the fall of the totalitarian regime, the joint-stock company Golf Resort Karlovy Vary was established in 1996, by the merger of leading Karlovy Vary companies. After the agreement of the winning business plan submitted by GRKV to the city council, the long-term lease of the city land on which the golf course is located took place. Since then, the joint stock company has become an investor and administrator of the premises.

Within a short time, the course was renovated. A new clubhouse, irrigation system, tees, parking area was built, all grass surfaces, drainage, water areas and, last but not least, the machine park were restored. The golf course in Karlovy Vary has thus become one of the most renowned courses in Europe.