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Entrey fee and annual fee

Discounted membership conditions in 2024 as part of the celebration of the 120th anniversary of the Karlovy Vary Golf Club. Read more

Conditions for entering the GCKV

Over 18 20 000,- CZK
Children under 18 10 000,- CZK

Already in the year of entry, the member must pay the given annual club fee, including the annual Green Fee, under the following conditions

Mandatory annual fee including club fee and annual GF

Adults 18 000,- CZK
Pensioner 14 000,- CZK
Children under 18 attending TCM 5 500,- CZK
Children under 18 not attending TCM and students up to 26 let 9 500,- CZK
Over 75 years old (on reaching the age of 75 by 30 April of that year) 7 000,- CZK

Only children under 18 and students under 26 can use the passive membership.
For other members, the annual fee is mandatory.

Passive membership fee for children and students

Children under 18 1 500,- CZK
Students up to 26 3 000,- CZK

The annual fee is payable before the first game, but no later than April 31 of the year


Entrance fees and annual fees are paid to the club's account: 2102312530/2700,
or at the reception of the course,
VS = club number of the member.

The golf club is a civic association and its members have their rights and obligations defined by the club's statutes. The statutes are available for inspection in the office of the club secretary.