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Cooperation and Advertising

Advertising boards and panels on the golf course:


The hole bears the name of the sponsor and is equipped with an information panel
with basic information for players. There is an advertising space measuring 40×70 cm
and 80×70 cm. Furthermore, the partner's logo is placed on the flag indicating the hole number.

Billboard at the hole

Billboards with a size of 2×4 m are available on selected holes

Advertising board 2×1 m

Billboards 2×1 m are located along the driveway to the clubhouse

Advertising board 120×70 cm

Advertising panels are located at the putting green (Putting green), near the clubhouse.

Golf cars

The entire area of the vehicle is available.

Billboard at DR

Advertising board of size 4x2 m placed on a practice field

We rent advertising space for at least one year and the final amount always depends on the specific agreement with the partner according to the volume and length of participation.

We thank all our partners for their cooperation and support of our golf course..